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  • These are things each of us ask of our vehicle day in and day out. It doesn't matter if it is just a few months old or many years old, we continue to expect these things from our car, truck or caravan.

    But, to ensure that your vehicle is safe, stable and reliable, you have to do your part - you must provide it with regular servicing and preventative maintenance. This becomes much more important as your car gets older.

    Let us help!

  • Westwood Mechanical 21-POINT Service

    We provide servicing and diagnostics for all makes and types of vehicles. To keep your vehicle running smoothly in top operating and safe condition, there are many elements that must be routinely checked. Our 21-point service inspection covers all of these.


    1. Replace engine oil and oil filter
    2. Inspect suspension components, bearings and bushes
    3. Inspect steering components, joints, bushes and boots
    4. Inspect drive shaft joints and boots, lubricate as required
    5. Inspect exhaust system condition and security
    6. Inspect front and rear brake condition, adjust as required
    7. Inspect wheel bearing and tyre condition, adjust pressure as required
    8. Inspect level and condition of transmission / final drive oils
    9. Inspect chassis / body condition
    10. Carry out visual inspection for any oil, fluid or water leaks


    1. Inspect air filter condition, clean as required
    2. Inspect coolant and cooling system condition
    3. Inspect power steering system and fluid
    4. Test battery condition and check security
    5. Top up washer fluid
    6. Inspect brake fluid level and condition
    7. Inspect engine drive belt condition and tension, adjust as required
    8. Carry out visual inspection for any oil, fluid or water leaks


    1. Check operation of all front and rear lights
    2. Inspect wiper blade condition and wiper operation
    3. Issue service sticker and road test vehicle
  • The average age of cars being driven on public roads is increasing in western countries. This rise in car age is likely to result in a increased risk of injury in a car accident, with a New Zealand study finding

    passengers in cars built prior to 1984

    had a three times higher risk of injury

    compared with those in cars built after 1994

    - it is very important to have regular preventative maintenance checks and repairs before the need arises, which could not only put lives at risk, but also cost significantly more.

    *[S. Blows, R.Q. Ivers, M. Woodward, J. Connor, S. Ameratunga and R. Norton (2003). ‘Vehicle year and the risk of car crash injury’. Injury Prevention]