• NOTICE: as of 1st December 2023, our new location is 5 Ruesink Street in the Westwood Business Park.

  • Vehicle Repair & Auto Maintenance Specialists

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  • Automotive Repairs

  • Has your car or truck started making a strange noise?
    Are you wondering whether this is the sign of a big problem?

    An automotive specialist with a well-trained ear can quickly determine the source of most common car noises. If you'd like to take a stab at guessing the source of your car noise yourself, check out the Car Noise Library. Then pay us a visit and we'll check to see if your guess was right.

    In addition to our well-trained ears, we have a number of diagnostic equipment that allow us to pinpoint the source of many automotive issues. This helps us detect a great number of car problems long before they start to make any noise that you or we can hear.

    Once we've determined the source of your car troubles, we'll discuss the repair options with you and present our recommendations. Then it's up to you to make a decision.

    We provide a full range of automotive repairs to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Here's just a sample of what we can do for your car, truck, or caravan:

  • Mechanical Repair Work

    • brakes,
    • wheel bearings,
    • suspension,
    • drivetrain,
    • clutches and
    • timing belts.
  • Auto Electrical Work

    • security and audio installations
    • car battery replacement
    • air conditioner service
    • spot lights, reversing cameras and
    • other accessories.
  • So, whether you've just started to hear strange car noises OR your car has broken down and is out of commission, we can help.

    Let us get you safely back on the road and on with your life!