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  • Basic Car Maintenance Tips

    March 18, 2016
  • As with anything mechanical, automotive problems can arise unexpectedly - having a basic knowledge of car maintenance and performing some routine check-ups before hitting the road should be part of every road-user's responsibility.

    That's why we would like to share some basic car maintenance tips that may prevent unnecessary stress on your journeys.

    These simple auto maintenance tips include:

    • what you should be doing before you head out
    • what you should be doing while on the road
    • what you should do if something goes wrong
    • what you should do in the event of a breakdown
    • what you should know about servicing your car
  • Here in NZ, the minimum legal tyre tread depth is just 1.5mm.

    However, we highly recommend that, with winter weather approaching, you seriously consider fitting new tyres with up to 8mm tread depth. Your vehicle's wet weather braking, road-holding and all-round safety will be greatly improved.

    Wishing everyone safe travels on our beautiful roads.
    Please also keep your eyes out for motorcyclists - look twice, save a life.

    Don't forget to share these life-saving tips with those you care about - just click on the appropriate social media icon at the top of this page.

    Also remember that preventative car maintenance can save you thousands of dollars.
    So, call in if you have any concerns about your vehicle.